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Published 2 months ago • 2 min read

Hey Reader,

Over the last year, we’ve surveyed 1000s of experienced professionals about building a personal platform.

  • Their top goals
  • Their big struggles
  • Where they feel stuck
  • What they’ve tried already
  • Why they want it in the first place

Hell, since you’re on this list, I’d bet money you filled one of those surveys.

On every single one, the top struggles tend to be two things…

  1. Consistency
  2. Strategy

And in my experience coaching, training, and consulting 100s of people on how to build authentic personal platforms, lack of strategy usually leads to lack of consistency, and struggles in every other part of this process.

When you have a comprehensive strategy that you actually feel confident in, everything else gets simpler.

  • Building relationships with the right people
  • Feeling confident showing up online
  • Knowing what to write about
  • Creating valuable content
  • Consistency
  • All of it

I’m not saying it will suddenly be easy.

I’m not saying it won’t still take a ton of work, experimentation, testing, skill development, and facing your fears, but having a clear strategy will make it all simpler.

And it’s where so many people get stuck.

For the Power Your Platform program, I created a template and framework to help.

If you’re familiar with the Business Model Canvas or the Lean Canvas, you’ll recognize the overall structure of this template. It’s designed to help you flesh out every key point of your overall strategy to give you direction in your work.

It will force you to define the important parts of your strategy and highlight where you lack clarity.

Watch the Video Here

Get an editable template here

Think of this as your personal platform cheat sheet. On this one page, you’ll have everything you need to know what you’re doing, who you’re talking to, and how you stand out online.

It’s not going to write content for you, but it will give you endless ideas of how to do it yourself.

Now, filling out each part can take some time, and I want you to think about it as an evolutionary process. This is not one-and-done. You are going to keep testing, tinkering, and refining many of the answers in these individual boxes.

Part of the reason I believe in a Personal Platform over a personal brand is that it allows for flexibility and evolution.

You are not a static being.

You are constantly growing and evolving, and you should have a strategy that can stay nimble and adaptable, too.

Also, keep in mind, there are a few elements of this template that represent my personal approach to this work, so I’ll be going deep into individual sections — your throughline, offers, etc. — to support your efforts to build this all out.

So stay tuned :)

I'd love to hear your thoughts about the Platform Canvas.

  • What do you think?
  • Where do you get stuck?
  • How do you think you'll use it in your own work?

And if you want help going through it, consider joining the PYP program. This is the foundational strategy that we use to guide everything else.

In love and growth,

Want to go deeper?

Power Your Platform: Learn more about the new 6-month group coaching program designed to help you become the go-to authority in your industry so you can build a profitable, freedom-based business.

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