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Published about 2 months ago • 3 min read

Hey Reader,

Scroll through LinkedIn, and you see a lot of personal brand gurus talking about their 6-hour-a-day system for creating content, leaving comments, sending DMs, and closing business.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t have time for that shit.

  • I have a business to run (and build)
  • Two dogs to snuggle
  • A husband to love
  • Dreams to chase
  • Clients to serve
  • A life to lead

And yeah, I’m sure if I focused only on my LinkedIn growth, I’d gain followers far faster.

  • I have some days where I come close to a Post-and-Ghost
  • I have others where my content is not my best
  • And still others where I don’t post at all

I have ADHD and am a recovering busyness-aholic. So, I want (and need) to do less, not more.

I need:

  • Small actions to yield huge results
  • One decision to make 1000 decisions
  • Everything I do to check off 12 different boxes

Especially now, while I completely rebuild PYP not to sell mere information but to engineer legit, life-changing, business-building, freedom-creating transformation.

And I KNOW you are the same. You don't need another chore in your life and business.

I'm even intentionally NOT writing lead-generating content while I build the next phase of PYP. And still, I had 7 people book sales calls with me this week. Seven!

This is the beauty and magic of building intentionally and focusing on the most important activities (and ignoring the rest).

One of the members of PYP said it best:

Even really half-assed, I’ve seen so much of a change, like in terms of my confidence showing up online, but also the results that I’m starting to see come in.

She’s had multiple inbound leads from prospects who were on her dream list and offers of speaking gigs. All while fully half-assing it.

I’ll be real with you (I always am).

I was raised to believe that everything needed to be hard. That everything good would require struggle.

And yeah, that’s true to a degree.

  • You will need to get uncomfortable.
  • You will need to face awkward truths.
  • You will need to push yourself to new limits.

But you do not need to make yourself miserable while doing it.

Even while half-assing it, you can experience legitimately transformative results.

Especially if you have a solid plan to make the most of every action you take.

In my view, there are really only two things you must prioritize to see these kinds of results.

Yes, you will see faster and bigger growth if you do more, but if you do these two things, you WILL see growth and progress. Everything else is just icing on the cake.

Get clear, for yourself and the world, what you do, who you do it for, and how you do it differently.

Ensure this is reflected in your LinkedIn profile and every piece of content you create or comment you leave.

You want it to be simple enough that when someone who saw you on LinkedIn explains you to someone else, they NAIL it.

Most of us keep things too vague. Or we try to be clever in our wording. Forget that noise. Get specific, unambiguous, and easy to understand.

Simple, clear language.

Consistently leave comments on LinkedIn

Content is great, but comments will be the foundation of your growth. They take 1/10th of the time while helping you connect and build relationships far faster than simply shouting into the ether.

Leave 10 comments a day.

Thoughtful comments.

Helpful comments.

Comments that help people get to know YOU, your wisdom, and your uniquely beautiful authenticity.

That's literally it.

Yes, content will pour fuel on the fire, but every single client who has gone through PYP has gotten leads (and revenue) from these two things alone.

I know you’re used to doing everything perfectly or not doing it at all. But throw that shit out.

Better to half-ass it than no-ass it. Right?

In love and growth,

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